Spousal Support

Spousal Support

There is little doubt a divorce can have a devastating impact on the financial status of either spouse. In nearly every case, one spouse will earn more than the other. In addition, instead of splitting household expenses, each spouse is now responsible for the sole support of their own household. Sometimes it is necessary to file a request for spousal support before one of the spouses can even afford to move out.

Temporary Spousal Support

Courts in California have a great deal of discretion when considering whether to award spousal support. The court may make a temporary order until a final divorce order is entered.

Long term Spousal Support

Some, but not all spouses, may be entitled to long term spousal support. The court considers a long list of factors, including the length of your marriage and your marital standard of living. Our team is experienced in analyzing all factors and your marital standard of living to determine whether you may be required to pay support or whether you may be entitled to receive support.

Modification of Spousal Support

Temporary and long-term orders may also be modified if either the recipient or the payor has a change in circumstances.

Whether you are seeking temporary or permanent spousal support, or whether you need to modify your current spousal support order, Heyde Family Law can help!