Attorney’s Fees

Attorney's Fees

When you are unable to afford to pay an attorney to represent you in a divorce proceeding, or a legal separation, California Family Code section 2030 allows you to petition the court to have the other spouse pay all or part of your attorney fees and costs.

This occurs commonly in situations where there is income disparity between the two spouses. Not only may your spouse be ordered to pay customary legal fees, they may also be held responsible for costs associated with investigations pertaining to your divorce or legal separation, such as costs for necessary experts, witnesses, discovery, depositions, and trial.

If you are unable to afford an attorney or if your spouse is in control of or cut off your access to bank accounts and credit cards, contact Heyde Family Law to determine whether filing a request for attorney fees is an option for you.

Heyde Family Law also accepts payment by credit card and offers flexible payment plans.